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Important Building Blocks For Your Personal Brand

To keep developing and marketing your personal brand effectively, you need to look at a few key areas.

I have found that once my clients have developed their personal brands and they have a thorough understanding of their unique selling proposition and the space they want to occupy in the minds of others, they request my help in specific aspects of personal branding. This is because once you have developed a great brand “packaging”, you can really start to think strategically about every facet of your brand. Some of the key building brands to consider are your image, your personal brand online, your communications and your networking.

Your image: The fact is that we are judged by the image we project – not by the education, qualifications and capabilities we have – which is why your image plays an important role in building your personal brand. Everyone can look and feel good by wearing colours and styles that suit them, and by paying attention to personal grooming. Statistics show that people who look good are seen as more professional than those who don’t make an effort. So don’t let your image get in your way; invest in looking your best, even if it means calling on a professional image consultant.

Your personal brand online: In a 2012 survey by Jobvite, 92% of recruiters said they were using or planned to use social media for recruiting. And they’re not the only ones looking up people on Google. The chances are that at some point someone has Googled your name, whether it’s your boss, best friend, a client or a competitor. What did they find? You should be Googling yourself at least once a month so you know what’s out there, and using the tools available to ensure the digital reflection of your personal brand is as positive as it can be.

Your communications: The way you communicate with people, whether it’s face to face, on the phone or over the internet, can have a huge impact on how people experience Brand YOU. Invest in learning how to communicate effectively, examining your body language, speech and presentation skills. Find out how to get your point across clearly, how to influence people positively and how to find resources to support your communications.

Your networking: Successful personal brands are built on networks where the relationships are deep and mutually beneficial, rather than extremely wide but shallow. Spend time honing your networking skills in order to become more effective in networking situations. Learn how to engage with individuals and groups, how to listen well, and how to develop deeper business relationships.

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